ISSEP 2016 / WiPSCE 2016 - FAQ

When and where will ISSEP 2016 / WiPSCE 2016 be held?

Both conferences will be held October 13-15, 2016, in Münster, Germany.

I am confused: Why are both conferences held at the same time?

The steering committees of both conferences have agreed to try to bring together both communities with the goal of better networking and broader dissemination of the results.

Ah, so this will this be a joint conference, right?

No, both conferences will remain independent and maintain their identity.

Can I attend both conferences?

But of course! This is the main idea of having both conferences in the same place and at the same time. In fact, both conferences will share all social events and one invited speaker. Sessions will be synchronized such that it is possible to switch between talks. Keynotes will be held with no concurrent sessions.

Wait, does this mean that I have to register for two conferences?

We will offer a free ISSEP registration to all WiPSCE participants and vice versa. This means that you technically have to register for two conferences but that the registration fee for the other conference will be waived.

Ah, then I just pick the conference with the lower registration fee ;-)

The conferences are synchronized and so will be the registration fees ;-) For technical reasons, it is expected that speakers in conference X register for conference X. Furthermore, the receipts will indicate for which conference the registration fee was paid.

So that means that I get to attend talks from two conferences for the travel and registration cost of one conference?

Exactly :-)

What about the proceedings?

Pending approval by the respective publishers, the ISSEP proceedings areplanned to be published by Springer in the LNCS series and the WiPSCE proceeding are planned to be published in the ACM DL.

Can I submit to both conferences?

Yes, please, as long as you don't submit the same paper to both conferences. Such double submissions will be rejected immediately.

Well, to which conference should I submit, then?

As a rule of thumb: if both conferences were held at different times of the year and if you would submit you paper to conference X in that case, this is a good indicator to also submit to X in 2016.

If you do not know any of the two conferences, please check out last year's proceedings ISSEP 2015(( WiPSCE 2015 (

It can help to look at the calls for papers from previous years. In particular, both conferences list the topics they are interested in in a particular order. You can safely assume that this order indicates at least some order of preference.

Quoted from the ISSEP 2015 call for papers:

The International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution, and Perspective (ISSEP) is an established forum for researchers and practitioners in the area of Computer Science Education with a focus on secondary schools.

Quoted from the WiPSCE 2015 call for papers:

WiPSCE aims at improving the exchange of research and practice relevant to teaching and learning in primary and secondary computing education, teacher training, and related research.

If you are familiar with ISSEP, it should come as no surprise that ISSEP is a prime venue for papers on informatics contests, e.g., Bebras/Beaver, and for country reports.

Thanks, but I am still at loss...

Don’t worry. Please get in touch with the PC chairs at or